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What is wheat grass?

PureGreen Foods wheat grass is young farm grown wheat plant,
harvested at the nutritional peak, referred to as "pre-jointing." The
water in the grass is immediately removed, (dehydrated) to preserve
the nutrients, then stored as a compressed pellet in cold storage to
preserve freshness.

How often should I take wheat grass?

Most people start with a single serving daily then increase up to 3
servings per day. The quantity consumed is really an individual
decision, based on how they feel.
What is the difference between powder and tablets?

PureGreen Foods wheat grass powder is a ground wheat grass pellet then granulated. PureGreen
Foods wheat grass tablets are simply compressed wheat grass granules in a "pill" form. Which form you
use is an individual decision.

Will wheat grass mix with anything?

PureGreen Foods wheat grass powder readily mixes with any liquid. Our powder is granulated to assure
easy mixing. Add it to your favorite smoothie, or sprinkle it over salad.

I am allergic to wheat, will taking wheat grass trigger an allergic reaction?

Most wheat allergies are a reaction to the gluten in the mature grain of wheat. PureGreen wheat grass is
harvested long before any grain forms. You should always consult with your physician before taking any
food supplements.

Where can I find more information about wheat grass?

The books we read which were the inspiration for PureGreen Foods were:
The Wheatgrass Book, By Ann Wigmore.

Wheat Grass, Nature's Finest Medicine, By Steve Meyerowitz.

Cereal Grass: What's in it for you! The importance of wheat grass, barley grass and other
vegetables in the human diet., By Rondald L. Siebold.
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